Wednesday, 20 April 2016

We have discovered this amazing instrumental music video on youtube which contains over an hour of deeply mind zoning, chillout, brain expanding ambient music. Check it out music lovers.. One of our favourites

Monday, 1 February 2016

Ambient Music

We have come across this interesting music site Paul is an ambient music artist who composes atmospheric instrumental pieces using keyboards and guitars. There is plenty of music on the website to kep you entertained - including a soundcloud player full of music clips a bunch of videos and even a short film about a journey across Scandinavia with a soundtrack of paul's Music. Goos stuff and we like :-)

Relaxing Music

Another video with loads of great chilled out relaxing music on it is this one we discovered from the New Age Music Garden. Nice keyborads and guitar based instrumentals to have a few hours shut eye on the couch. I actually enjoyed it for doing the ironing! Enjoy.

Spa Music

We have discovered an epic 8 Hour Spa Music video on you tune with some mesmerising music. It does what it says and is actually 8 hours of non stop relaxing Music. So if you have a spare day on your hand or need some background relax music then check this out music lovers.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Music for yoga and meditation

If its hours of free music you are after take a look at this youtube video of yoga music
There are not many images on the video just tons of free music. Then again. If you were meditating or doing some yoga position you wouldnt exactly be lookinf at pictures on the monitor.
Very relaxing music indeed.